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Toying with Chaos by DarkAlicornWarrior Toying with Chaos by DarkAlicornWarrior
Okay everyone here is my first Nemesis II pic in quite awhile. Really sorry for the dark stripes....but anywho I decided to try a new Design for Nemesis...let me know what you think...

anyway here is the story (this is a for fun pic and scene...not official in my story...)

After returning from the valley of the ancient warlords, Nemesis felt more powerful than ever...dare he say no pony in Equestria could stop him now. But he sensed a new presence in the castle, one that shrieked just as much destruction and doom as he did...only more disorganized.

But as the lord of war entered his main chambers he saw a familiar looking brown and red mess of random animals that made up a draconqquis's form and realized quickly it was his former master's brother Discord.

"Aren't you supposed to be in the Canterlot gardens?" Nemesis' deep voice scoffed.

"Haven't you heard?" The draconaqquis god of chaos shot back "It seems your brand of chaos is worse than mine..." He said in an uncharacteristically sour voice.

Nemesis chuckled under his breath, he couldn't believe Discord was jealous of him at all. "How are you even free?" Nemesis probed...

"It seems that your Canterlot during the wedding was able to give me just enough power to feed off of and help me escape. Iv'e been searching Equestria to find Chrysalis to thank her....but instead I find you...her successor..."

"which brings me to what I am here for...I want in Nemesis. I know you found the valley of the ancient warlords, I know you have taken their powers. let me know where the valley is...or your reign of terror will come to an end..." Discord says with a slight scowl.

Nemesis just grinned, laughing under his breath and decided to take him for a ride, to put him in his place for good. "And why would a simple alicorn stallion like me want to find that place?"

"Drop the games Nemesis!" Discord blares angrily "Everypony connected to harmony itself felt your power surge through the roof yesterday!"

Nemesis dropped the smile for a convincing straight face " I have no idea what your talking about Discord. sure my power has spiked abit but it's nowhere near your powers." Nemesis said as sparks began to emit from his horn.

"I'm not playing Nemesis!" Discord threatened.

"Nor am I..." Nemesis said as he shot around and enveloped Discord in an electrocution...

I hope you enjoy. Comment, Fave, and of course let me know where I need help...

mlp:fim owned by lauren faust and hasbro
Nemesis is owned by me
some diolugue and basic scene overlay based on the confrontation of The question and Lex luthor in Justice league owned by WB.....
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October 10, 2012
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